Image backup failing on Linux


I am running UrBackup Server v2.5.31.0 to backup the image of an Ubuntu 20.04.6 LTS server with UrBackup Client Controller v2.5.23.0 and dattobd version 0.11.2.

My issue is the image backup creates errors that are specific to windows. For example:
“Request of image backup failed. Reason: Creating shadow copy failed. See client log file for details.”

When I check the client log, I see an endless list of "ERROR: Creating shadowcopy of “.symlink_” and finally:

2023-09-19 05:03:53: ERROR: Creating snapshot of "/dev/vda2" failed
2023-09-19 05:03:53: ERROR: Snapshotting device /dev/vda2 via dattobd...
2023-09-19 05:03:53: ERROR: Using /dev/datto3...
2023-09-19 05:03:53: ERROR: CBT=type=datto&reset=1
2023-09-19 05:03:53: ERROR: driver returned an error performing specified action. check dmesg for more info: Invalid argument
2023-09-19 05:03:53: ERROR: Creating shadowcopy of "/dev/vda2" failed.
2023-09-19 05:03:54: ERROR: Creating shadow copy failed. See client log file for details.

I also see the error on a full image backup: “Backing up System Reserved (SYSVOL) partition failed. Image backup failed.” This, of course, is a Linux machine and has no sysvol. May I ignore this error?

Thank you for any insight.

I think the issue may be that the volumes are LVM. I do not see these issues on standard volumes.