If client goes offline during full backup, does backup start where it has stopped?


in the manual I found:

If the backup is a full one and the client goes offline the backup process is interrupted and the partial file list is saved, which includes all files downloaded up to this point.

Does that mean, that when the client is online again the backup will continue where it has been stopped or will it start all over again?


Backup continue.


Yes, as long as the shadowcopy didnt change (on windows) or anything.
In my experience the Backup fails if the client isnt connected for 2 or 3 Days and then tries to resume. (because of a changed ShadowCopy)

But for an offline time like “having a meeting” or “putting the notebook in standby overnight” it works like a charm.

i dont know about Linux and the ShadowCopy Thing could be a Settings thing on the Clients.
Just my 2 Cents :slight_smile: