Identify and Solve Bottleneck Finally

OK, Guys lets figure this one out. I know there are a lot of people are having performance issues. I would like to try to identify and solve the issue. I have read about every form and tried every trick to solve the issue. The issue. Can’t get no more than about 5 mbps for download speed for all remote clients that are backing up. I have SSD Drive’s for the c: drive and cache drive, I am using Microsoft storage spaces for storage. Any local client that does a backup on the LAN gets 100-200mbps speeds for backup. I have disabled network congestion protocols.

I was thinking I was having a IO issue but with the local computers getting such a high bandwidth i don’t think is it The proccessor and RAM are barely being used. I am using Unifi router and switched. Replaced all network cables. Have 100/20 internet connection. I am only running 10 clients at a time. Turned off compression,

I would expect the server and the clients backing up to max out either the bandwidth going in while processing backups or max out the processing power of the server.

That is my experience working with backups such as storagecraft.

Any more ideas would be greatly appreciated. I really like the way things work and would love to continue to use URbackup but there seems to be a scalability issue.

I am using a local debian virtual server under KVM for urbackup and I force internet transfer mode when I am connected locally via my wifi. In this configuration I get:
Info 17/08/19 12:53 Transferred 762.705 MB - Average speed: 78.7537 MBit/s

In my case urbackup seems to run at the limit of my wifi.

The same computer connected via wire does not use internet transfer mode and gives:
Info 17/08/19 16:53 Transferred 1.25839 GB - Average speed: 479.823 MBit/s

On my system the speed seems to be limited by the lan transfer rate only. I only have a dozen odd client systems and it is not often that I have more than a couple being backed up at the one time. Do you get poor speeds with one client active?