I get this error, does someone has a fix for this?

everytime i try to backup, it saves the files etc, but always finishes with issues, I see in the logs and this shows up.
19-05-20 08:50
Volume group “sda2” not found
19-05-20 08:50
Cannot process volume group sda2
19-05-20 08:50
Could not find LVM volume group of volume /dev/sda2

UrBackup is pretty smart, but one typically doesn’t try to backup a device (/dev/whatever) but instead the mount point such as /home because that’s where the filesystem lives. As a quick test, look at what you get with ls /dev/sda2 versus ls /home on one of the client systems.

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As I understand UrBackup try to create LVM snapshot of /dev/sda2.

If you backup folder which are not at LVM and you don’t want to create snapshot different way, you should exclude it from snapshotting.

At the client:

mkdir /etc/urbackup  (If the folder does not exist)
echo /your/folder/to/backup>> /etc/urbackup/exclude_snapshot_mountpoints

i see this

Do you have a volume mounted at sda2?
What does the df command show?

Could you give some more information?
For example:

  • df -h
  • sudo vgs
  • sudo pvs
  • sudo lvs