HyperV Restore with Restore CD

Is it possible to restore within an HyperV VM? The Restore CD doesn’t recognize the Ethernet adapter, even the legacy version.

The restore cd is based on debian-live and I found an old bug, where that wasn’t working with HyperV. Maybe you could try it with a debian live cd to see if it doesn’t work there as well. If yes, we could inform the debian-live team.

Just tested today.
It works!

tested on:

  1. Hyper-V 2012 R2
  2. Hyper-V Hardware Generation 1
  3. urbackup_restore_1.1.iso
  4. Standard Synthetic Network Interface (not legacy)

Reply Thanx. I’ll test it later this week.

Now, on version 1.4.7, Hyper-V restore (via restore-CD) NON MORE function!
It detects the loacal HD as size=0 …

I have same issue i get an error after restore from windows 7 boot manager , it can not find the boot partion, i can not restore any of my windows 7 machines …

Same isseu here restore cd 1.1.1 backup agent 1.4.9. On hyper-v I get local HD size=0


get the same as well. 1.1.1 restore CD…network is fine. But drives can’t be resovled. They all list 0 size so you don’t actually know where you are restoring to.