Hyper-V UrBackup Client

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Apologies if this is the wrong place to insert this query.

I’ve been desperately trying to setup the Hyper V Client on my hyper v host. I seem to be able to install it and it connects to the server, but it is not adding the virtual machines on the web agent. Is there any prerequisites I should know about? Does Windows Server Backup need to be installed etc? The VM’s have version 9 installed and powershell is up to date. I have also restarted the urbackup service several times.

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Unfortunately a known issue, more info in this topic:

Thank you for the reply. That is a shame… seems I’m using that same version of the server: 2.5.27.

Out of interest, what have you done for the moment to atleast continue to have your backups working for the VMs. Would still like them backed up and wondered what you’ve been doing.

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Using a different backup product :frowning:
Waiting for a fix and then I might give it another go.

There is a 2.5.x beta hyper-v client available now. Not as trial currently, though.

@stickmanbrad If possible use 2.4.x with the older client.

Hiya Uroni,

Thank you for reaching out. Would I be able to participate in this beta at all? It would really mean a lot.

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Is there a chance to participate in that beta ? We have paid version

is there any update ?

Could you provide us more info about progress ?