Hyper-V Server / Ubuntu VM issue

UrBackup Server V2.3.8 on Qnap Nas
Hyper-V Client v2.2.16 (Trial)

On the Hyper-V host im running 6 VM’s, the windows vm’s seem to be backing up ok with full imagine, not having any luck with incremental image, but not concerned with this just yet.

the problem is the ubuntu vm’s, forcing a full image backup, it just sits there with…

08/07/19 08:45 INFO Starting scheduled full image backup of volume “SCSI:0:0”…
08/07/19 08:45 INFO Loading ZIP metadata from urbackup/mbr_data_ubuntu–SCSI_0_0.zip
08/07/19 08:45 INFO HYPER-V[ubuntu]: Loading MBR zip file…

ive left the last attempt over night, and still by morning its the same. trying to cancel the backup just sits at the same, only way to clear it, is restarting the urbackup server and the client service on the hyper-v.

also in the hyper-v logs, there is the error

28 minutes ago
Checkpoint operation for ‘ubuntu’ failed. (Virtual machine ID 9E43B561-2D6C-43DA-B294-7F7AAA08870A)
28 minutes ago
Production checkpoints cannot be created for ‘ubuntu’. (Virtual machine ID 9E43B561-2D6C-43DA-B294-7F7AAA08870A)

You should also be able to create production checkpoints from the UI: https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/windows-server/virtualization/hyper-v/manage/choose-between-standard-or-production-checkpoints-in-hyper-v

It shouldn’t just hang after this error of course. I’ll run some tests with hyperv-daemons missing in a Linux VM.

thanks, that fixed it