Hyper-V Restore VM to another Host


We are using UrBackup for Windows 10 clients, but we would like to backup some of our Hyper-V hosts with paid hyper-v client for WS 2016/2019. We installed the client to one of our test Hyper-v and create full VHD VM backup and after that one incremental. Now we have two backups(vhd not vhdx) and when execute .\hyperv_list_backups.ps1 -VmName TestVM.Contoso.com -Username admin we have both backup listed, but we need the option to restore this backup to another host, so I tried command from manual 3.4 Live restore by directly using disk from server: New-VHD… but we only get .vhd file of 500KB.
Also if we create one initial full image backup and after that 30 or 50 incremental backups, it is time-consuming to merge all that vhds to restore VM.
What is the best and the fastest way to restore HV VM to another host?


The live-migration is the best option if you get it to work (Giving it the appropriate permissions can be problematic, especially if UrBackup runs on Linux). The New-VHD command is designed to give you a really small file that just references the files on your backup server. Writes then go into that file but reads go to the backups (over the network). This is why you need to then live migrate the disk to some other location. But you can immediately start the VM, of course.

The VHDs don’t need to be merged, but you need to obviously transfer all the data from the backup server to where you want to restore it to.

I have not tried this yet, but you can probably also just copy the vhd via something like this:

Convert-VHD -Path \\backupserver\urbackup\testvm.contoso.com\testvhd.vhd -DestinationPath c:\test\testvhdx.vhdx -VHDType Dynamic