Hyper-V Parallel Backups

Hi Uroni:

I am running hyper-v backups using the commercial Hyper-V Client.
This Hyper-V Sever has about 50 VMs running.
When I run a backup it runs about 8 simultaneous jobs in parallel. This is causing a very high load on my server.
Is there any way to limit the number of simultaneous jobs so I can keep the load at a normal level. It would be nice to say run only 1 or 2 jobs (VMs) at a time.
I did set the “Maximum number of simultaneous jobs per client” to 1 but this setting does not work in a Hyper-V VM job because it appears each VM acts as its own client. This setting works on a regular physical server.
Is there any way to force max jobs on the Physical Hyper-V server so it applies to the physical server and not at the VM level.
Any help on this would be greatly appreciated.

It should be limited by “Max simultaneous backups” of the main client (hyper-v server name without []). But maybe there is a bug that causes it to exceed that limit (connected to multiple disks per VM?)?

I did apply “Max simultaneous backups” to physical hyper-V but it seems to be ignoring this setting.
So there does seem to be some sort of bug with this.
Can you consider a bug fix at your convenience.
All else seems to be working well so fat so thank you for a great product.

That doesn’t give any idea what causes the bug unfortunately?

What is the value of “Max simultaneous backups” of each virtual sub-client, is it the same?

I have set “Max simultaneous backups” to “1” for Everything. For the physical Hyper-V and ALL VMs.

Do you have some VMs with more then one disk and are those more affected?

yes some VMs have 2 Disks but most have 1.
I do not see any difference between them as of yet.
But if my setting is set to “1” why would there be 2 or 3 different VM jobs running instead of just 1.
It doesnt seem to be taking my settings?

Which server version on which os are you using, btw?

backup server running Ubuntu 19.04
Client running Windows 2016 and Hyper-V

also I installed latest UrBackup 2.4.12

I restarted services on Hyper-V client and on Urbackup server and the settings seems to be working now with just 1 job running at a time. So we are good there.

Some other issues I ran into which may need to be addressed via code changes.

If a DVD is mounted in the Hyper-V VM the backup will always fail. But it creates also another issue. The snapshot tends to get hung. Once this happens there is no way to cancel out of this snapshot. Only option is a complete Hyper-V server reboot. I tried restarting VSS and all Hyper-V services but nothing works except a complete reboot. Perhaps this can be fixed or just skip the VM backup with a warning so the services dont get hung.
Also if the VM Config is on an older Version Hyper-v Config version 5 and not on Version 8 or higher the same condition happens where the snapshot attempts to start but gets hung, Again a complete server reboot is only way to correct this situation.
For now I got all VMs on Version 8 config and dismounted all ISOs from all VMs so this has allowed me to get all backups to work but implementing a backup skip for these respective VMs would be very helpful so I dont have to worry about rebooting on this condition.
If you can update code with this it would really be very helpful. Uroni please let me know your thoughts.
thanks again.