Hyper-V 2019 Backup Issues

I have a windows 2019 Hyper-V Server. Seems WIndows OS 2019 is having issues backing up VMs that I did not have with my Windows 2016 Hyper-V server.
The jobs unfortunately failed and the Client itself has crashed and I can no longer get a status from urbackup client.
This link --> https://drive.google.com/file/d/1Jl4xcY1W9cLd2hLZth0RptAQrTcAKb-K/view?usp=sharing
contains the Debug and crash dump files.
Please review and let me know how this can be fixed.
Thanks for your help again

Sorry for the issue and thanks for the log+crash dump.

The issue is caused by it not being able to parse the NTFS volume of one the VM disks. I’ll publish a new version with a fix that doesn’t crash and backs up the whole volume without the optimization that only the used space is backed up.

Do you have ETA when new version will be ready ?
thanks again

I have published a new release that should fix it

OK I have installed your latest Hyper-V client which seems to have resolved the issues.Thanks for the quick fix on this.

The one issue that still is ongoing is the number of “max_running_jobs_per_client_def” settings is not consistently taking my settings. For example I have set “max_running_jobs_per_client_def=2” which should only allow a max of 2 jobs running in parallel but the settings is being ignored and I have up to 5 Jobs running for this specific server.
Whats interesting is that it does work for some of my other servers. So its not consistent across all my servers.
This is very critical for me because once I allow more than 2 jobs to run in parallel it introduces a very big load and affects my production system.
Is there any way I can force and guarantee that this setting will always be in affect.

Thanks again

This setting is completely server side, so you can ignore whatever the client says. Maybe disabling Allow client-side changing of the directories to backup helps? The server should be using whatever (greyed out) value it currently has on the server and it could be that it uses the setting from vm-sub-client instead of the main client…

I have confirmed that the Hyper-V physical server and ALL VMs have correct setting but they still not in affect.
Since the settings is completely on the server end and not client is there any way I can go to a config file on server and verify the setting directly ?

It’s in backup_server_settings.db (sqlite), but also cached in memory. And the in memory value it uses is shown in the settings tab for each client. Greyed out if you haven’t enabled “separate settings for this client”.

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