HTTPS on Windows Server with Apache 2.4

Has anyone managed to successfully configure ubackup server 2.0.38 to run SSL in Windows with an Apache Web server?

I have installed installed Apache 2.4 and tested.
Installed Fast CGI and set up SSL (with a locally generated cert for testing, unencrypted) and tested.
Created a sym link to the www folder of the urbackup folder and referenced it in the fastcgi conf:
FastCgiExternalServer “C:/Apache24/htdocs/urbackup” -host
Restarted Apache and urbackup services.
Telnet into port 55413 works, but I cannot get to the urbackup web interface as expected on:

After working on this all day I am beginning to conclude it simply will not work with windows.
That said, I love this tool! If we can get SSL working we will be in great shape. Thanks for your suggestions.

Hey, did you manage to resolve this? I’m facing same issue.

You can just allow UrBackup to run it’s own web server and ProxyPass traffic to it, would that suffice?

I never could get it to work.