How to Upgrade to 1.x to 2.0.30?

I need Upgrade my back server to 2.0.30.but desktop client version is 1.14.11.Please help!!!1

#1. All you need to do to upgrade is download the new file and install it over the old one. Nothing special; if you are skeptical, you can uninstall the program and install the new one.

#2. As long as your server is higher than your client, the clients should still work; however, if you upgrade your clients before your server, you may have a problem.

If i upgrade server but my network have windows xp also. So i can install
only 1.14 version it will work after upgrade

In the past, with the betas, as long as your server was at the same level of the client or higher it would work normally.

So, yes. If you install Server 2.0.30 and keep Client 1.14, it should still work - I would play it safe, like everyone should, and triple-check it for yourself and make a backup of what you have; however, beta testers did have a 2.X and 1.X environment, so I do feel fairly certain that it will work without a hitch.

hi, where i get older version client to download ???

  • 1.x restore does not work with 2.0.x servers

what is this means?

I’ll need @uroni to credit this, but I think this is his Sourceforge page:

From there you can download any version of both Client and Server.

That means that if you have a restore disk that is the older 1.X version, you cannot use it to restore a 2.0.X version.

It just means that if you have some server/clients on 1.X, and some on 2.0.X, then you will need to have two restore disks - one for 1.X and one for 2.0.X, respectively.

i got error like restore partition not found.its urgent…

Are you using the correct Restore CD?

2.X restore for a 2.X client; 1.X restore for a 1.X client

yes am using correct recovery cd (urbackup_restore_1.1.1) for client is

urbackup server version is 1.4.14

I know that when I have done it in the past the 1.X Restore CD freezes at 24%, but if I leave it alone it will actually still recover correctly.

I would say either get @uroni or someone else who knows a little more about Restore CDs to help you - may help if you make a brand new topic for this new issue. I do not restore a lot of machines, so there is not much I can help you with in regards to this.