How to update or uninstall server on QNAP

Hi there, this is my first post on these forums. Any nitwit mistakes, errors, info vacuums I make please feel free to advise.

I installed UrBackup server some time ago on a QNAP NAS and it was working fine, very nice programme and I encountered no issues for about a year and half. No longer, since an update in the QTS firmware at the end of 2022 broke it. I would like to update to a newer version of UrBackup to get it working again – what is the proper procedure? The documentation I have been able to find provides little advice on the subject and the QNAP forums are pretty spotty as a technical resource in this matter. My original install was via puTTY, using a qpkg file saved to the NAS’s PUBLIC folder; I did not install via the AppCenter using the MyQNAP repository, although I have now linked to that repository and could make use of it if needed. In fact, I cannot recall nor find any reference to the exact steps I took to do the original install. The official server admin manual has procedures for various Linux distros but doesn’t include directions for the QNAP Linux flavour.

Worst case, I could completely uninstall the software, and perhaps the backup data files too, and do a ‘clean’ install. What steps are needed to remove the software?

I’m a Linux noob but happy to roll my sleeves up and get busy with the command line given suitable hand-holding instructions.

P.S. I have tried to update the software, twice, but without success.