How to update client under mixed environment?

I have a linux server and three kinds of windows client( now belong to three kinds of group under urbackup 2.1):

  1. winxp -> use 1.4.x
  2. windows 32/64 bit with CBT driver -> use 2.x cbt
  3. windows 32/64 bit without CBT driver -> use normal 2.x client

1.4.x is the last version for winxp so I think I can just disable “Perform autoupdates silently” ?

2 & 3 need to update after testing new client version.
what files should I put to /var/urbackup so cbt/non-cbt client can both get update?

thanks for help!!

It’s on the FAQ page: “Can I automatically install change block tracking on all my clients?” You can disable CBT on the advanced settings page. With 2.1.x you can also create a group where it is disabled.

Hi uroni:

so you mean I need to install/update CBT-client for all the clients, and disable the function for the client don’t need it?
will the cbt kernel driver be installed for these clients with cbt function disabled?

and about winxp, is “Perform autoupdates silently” enough to prevent the client trying update to 2.x?

it will be clear if I can update both client for their specific versions. but I will do what it the best method for now.

thanks a lot for help!!