How to test if a server image restore is possible?


Is there any way to test if a image restore works but without really do it?
I have some Windows Servers running in standar class servers (Fujitsu and HP). These servers have different hardware RAID controllers, mostly of them LSI chip based.
I would like to use UrBackup to make image backups of these systems, but, I am afraid of when I need to restore with the boot CD, it don´t recognize the RAID configurations (I have seen this a lot of times with linux based boot cds).
Is there any way to know if the restore boot cd recognize my RAID and is capable of make a restoration without do it, I mean only for test that the backup is good.

Thanks a lot.

Is not possible to run a test to ensure that backup will work in case of a disaster?

Some hw raid have a controller id that is set and that you need to specify somewhere.
So maybe configure a c: (system) without raid
and a d: with raid

Backup c: and d:
Then restore c: boot once, check that d: is what it should be
Restore d:

With linux it’s about the same thing. Imagine / instead of c: and /data instead of d:

I guess you could boot from the restore cd and abort at the last confirmation screen before restore? (Where you have to press enter)

Or boot from restore cd, switch to console (CTRL + ALT + F2) and run e.g. lsblk

Do you have any spare drives? While I did not test a restore to a RAID setup, I took a spare drive and restored to it to see how things worked.