How to start an image backup manually from a client or server?

Hello. This backup package seems quite good. Thank you to developers.

I’ve just installed the URBackup server to a computer with an external USB drive in my local network and client software on two computers which were detected by the server as clients succesfully. In order to test the system, I wanted to start the image backups of these clients, but I could not find any command, button, etc. to do that on either the server or the client side. There are questions in this forum on this topic but no useful answers. And I could not find any information in the manual. How can I start backups manually from these clients either from the client end or from the server end? Thank you.

from the drop down arrow thing on the left of the client name on the server web ui

Hello Orogor,

Thnak you for your quick response. I tried your suggestion, but I got “Start backup failed” under “File backup status” column on the web gui. The log file says

2017-08-08 16:41:31: ERROR: Could not create or read directory for client “comp-13”. The system cannot find the path specified. (code: 3)

I set the backup directory on the client “comp-13” as “C:” or blank since I am creating an image. But it does not seem to work. And the “volumes to back up” in the client settings is by default set to “C”. Where else should I set this up?

It started working, I do not know how! It is now indexing the two clients. I’ve got one virus warning for the temp directory. But the explanation on what to do was clear enough to fix it.