How to setup a new backup usb drive & folder & set urbackup backup destination?

Hi, I am very green. I am using OMV and have successfully installed urbackup on the server-side and on my client-side. All I want to do is add a USB drive to my PI3 & create a folder on the USB drive and set the Urbackup destination path to that folder. this is what I get in the status section Can access /
Cannot access /backup. No such file or directory (code: 2). I have googled solutions and read the urbackup documentation about changing the location. thank you.

From the operating system can you access the /backup folder ?
Which OS you installed the urbackup server?

Hello Rrnst, OMV ver 4. I don’t have a problem accessing the backup. I have a problem changing where the ubackup is backing up to. “the location path” I want to backup to a USB Drive on OMV open media vault.

check the path and permision

I also wanted to use an external usb drive as backup destination and for the moment, I am unable to do so because it seems the exfat file system is unable to deal with posix permissions and/or sym links. I don’t know if I can format the drive to a compatible file system. I have a 500gb disk that I may be willing to try to reformat to ext4 or ntfs but I’m a bit afraid of bricking it. Any suggestions?

Reformatting that spare drive shouldn’t incur any risk of bricking the drive.

As mentioned by @BrainWaveCC, you are very unlikely to brick the drive by changing the file system…unless the drive was ready to go any…

In the world of Windows, you can even change the file system on the fly in Command Prompt using this command to use the NTFS file system:

convert drive: /fs:ntfs

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