How to setup a new backup usb drive & folder & set urbackup backup destination?

Hi, I am very green. I am using OMV and have successfully installed urbackup on the server-side and on my client-side. All I want to do is add a USB drive to my PI3 & create a folder on the USB drive and set the Urbackup destination path to that folder. this is what I get in the status section Can access /
Cannot access /backup. No such file or directory (code: 2). I have googled solutions and read the urbackup documentation about changing the location. thank you.

From the operating system can you access the /backup folder ?
Which OS you installed the urbackup server?

Hello Rrnst, OMV ver 4. I don’t have a problem accessing the backup. I have a problem changing where the ubackup is backing up to. “the location path” I want to backup to a USB Drive on OMV open media vault.

check the path and permision