How to set the client language on Win 10

I use an installation of Win 10 which is German. Currently the Urbackup client is showing a mix of English and German. I would like to have it all English. How can I set this?
Many thanks!!!

It seems I found it; just moved every folder from the “lang” folder. Now everything is English.

Is there a better/proper way to do this?

I’m running the CBT windows client on 8.1 (i know i know, shut up), and it seems many programs make this mistake, since i have my display language on EN-us, but the timezone and regional formatting locale (NL-nl). However it often seems the preferred way of detecting what language to display in is based on physical location rather than language preferences (which imo is wrong). I can confirm this hack still works (simply renamed the “lang” subfolder into “lang.bak” works. Could not find a reg entry or cfg/ini file that works, but i am sure there is something i could put in the args.txt (found some indicators for that to be the place a setting like this should go).
No biggy, workaround works, still very happy with this stuff.