How to set path for debian based client

Hello Guys
I am trying to set path for image backup in debian, But I am not able to set.
Please help me out.

Thakns in advance

Not sure what you mean by “path”…

My limited understanding is that many files are dynamic and are created at boot time so an Image backup would be useless and you couldn’t boot from it if you restored it, unless something has changed that I don’t know about.

Anyway for any configuration changes, they are in Web UI, on the Settings page.
Select the system to change.
Select the appropriate tab for type of changes you want to make.

I want to create image backup of Linux based (OpenSuse, CentOS, Debian) workstation. But in web UI

Now how could, I take image backup please share your experience in detail. If it is possible to share whole procedure with some references please sent. It is very urgent.

Thanks in Advance