How to schedule full monthly backups


I need to know how to create full monthly backups. I am seeing 1-7/0-24 backup window format in client tab which represent weekly backup, but how can I schedule a monthly backup.

Could it be something like this:

Create a window Backup.

And then create intervals for incremental and full.

Thank you in advance.

Hi @ joserodriguezan,

As per your Second Picture, the schedule already for a monthly full file backup and daily incremental file backup.

Using Interval for full file backups: 30 days you can schedule a monthly backup.

For (e.g) Weekly full Backup: Interval for full file backups: 7 days

The Backup Window allow the server to run backup for scheduled timing.

We took the decision to remove this service backup and install another one. The scheduling by interval times is proper.
We need to make backup jobs on fridays or saturdays at 2:00 for one server, at 3:00 for another, etc. Then full backups the last or first friday at 20:00, for example.
Urbackup is not a valid service for medium or large companies.