How to safely backup UrBackup server's state and data running on Windows Server?

Hi :slight_smile:

We are using UrBackup Server to backup the Windows- and Linux-clients in our little network. The server is a Windows server (2012 R2) and we would like to use its own backup software to backup the server itself - along with UrBackup’s client backups.

My question: How can I make sure that the server’s backup of UrBackup’s data (state of database and backed up data) is consistent / does not get corrupted during the backup of the server? Does UrBackup work well with Windows Backup (which is issuing a set of events whille it is running)? Or is there a commandline that might be used to freeze UrBackup server with a consistent state when the backup of the server starts and to unfreeze it after the server backup has finished?

In any case: A big thank you for this awesome software!