How to run several backup jobs at the same time


I am working with almost 20 servers to backup. I would like to know how to backup several UrBackup clients at the same time.

Jose Luis

It just does, I often have multiple clients backing up at once.
If you have some more specific requirement, please be more specific.

Hi Bearded_Blunder,

You are right, I had several jobs but just running one each time. But after I post this it started to backup more than one.

But how is it possible to limit the backup jobs?

There’s settings for max concurrent jobs per client, I think that defaults to 1
You can put clients in internet mode & limit the total and per client bandwidth

I don’t see any obvious way to “limit” either total concurrent jobs, or local bandwidth.

I’m still unsure what you’re after

Is open to more than one interpretation.

I meant for example if I have 20 clients, I only want two clients backup running at the same time.

Try reading the Admin manual. There’s lots of fun stuff you can try, like:
Settings: Server: Max simultaneous backups: 2