How to run a compiled verseion of server and client

I have successfully compiled both the client and the server versions of the urbackup.
I launched Server.exe and it seems to open a socket at port 34255(not really sure for what).

The client app tries to connect to a socket at port 35623 but always fails.

How do i setup everything correctly so that i could launch the binaries that i built.

My end goal is to be able to debug both the client and the server.

I run it e.g. with arguments

--plugin luaplugin.dll --plugin cryptoplugin.dll --plugin fsimageplugin.dll --plugin httpserver.dll --plugin urlplugin.dll --plugin fileservplugin.dll --plugin urbackupserver.dll --plugin urbackupclient.dll --http_port 80 --http_server true --http_root urbackupserver/www --loglevel debug --logfile debug.log

with WorkingDir=$(SolutionDir)
for debugging. Runs the client and server simultaneously in the same process.

Thanks that worked out well. I also added the default ports args by looking at the args.txt file.
Is there any arg to start up the client notification icon as well?

That needs to be started separately. Make sure the pw_change.txt and pw.txt content matches.

So i compiled the frontend as well (UrBackupClientGUI.exe) but when it starts its not able to connect to the server. I have created the two files pw.txt and pw_change.txt as suggested.
So i am guessing there is something else that i need to start as well. Can you please help me with this?