How to Restore UrBackup Database Ubuntu

I suffered a system disk crash on my Ubuntu 16.04 server, and I’ve rebuilt it on Ubuntu 18.04. The backup repositories on a RAID array were unaffected by the disk crash, and the <backup-repository/urbackup folder is intact,

I’ve reinstalled UrBackup server 2.2.11 and all it’s dependencies. I’ve stopped the service for the moment as I had to chown -R the repository sub-directories.

Is restoring the database simply a matter of copying the files from the urbackup folder to /var/urbackup and restarting the server?


OK, tried it, worked. Apologies for wasted bandwidth.

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Hi dagdog,

Good to know this! If the time comes… :grin:

Best regards!

Thanks, dagdog.

I’m in an server upgrade situation where reinstalling Urbackup will be required and I’d like to keep my current client backup data sets. You answered the question and provided the process. (Permissions.)

Your post is very much appreciated.