How to restore only C: partition (Intel RST RAID 1)

Hi my config is:

2x1TB disc in Intel RST RAID 1

Disc is partitioned into 3 parts:
C: Windows 7
D: Windows XP

I wants to restore only C: partition with not working operating system from full image backup of C: partition, keeping D, E partitions untouched. It is possible?

When try to restore using recoverycd v1.0WIP3, seem that there in not such options.

PS: Restore wizard probably sees the disks as non-raid 1 volume, because i must select one in first step of recovery.

The restore cd only changes data of the MBR (first 512 bytes on the volume) and the relevant partition (i.e. the one you select to restore).

It won’t detect the Intel RAID. I googled and it supposedly is somehow configurable on Linux, but it seems difficult/hackish.

Thanx for reply, so data will be on the same place just c patition will be overwriten, thats cool. But when i try to recover at this state most probably it wilĺ destruct raid volume?

Then maybe will be good to switch recovery volume to offline contine on demand mode using utility and then restore c partition and then plug second recovery disc and turn mirroring back.

I don’t know how the Intel driver does it, but usually RAIDs have a section where they store information about the RAID, so this may not work.

Recovery on single master raid disc with recovery disc in contiuous mode (unplugged from pc) ends with error:

Following error happend:: Writing to hard disk failed. How to continue?

restart restore
start shell
restore other volume
stop restoration

From only now only one “D: Windows XP” partition is visible :(