How to restore files?

So, a couple of questions here…

I have a file backups going from one machine to the UrBackup server via the internet. I have a full backup with incremental backups daily. If I want to just grab the “complete” backup (meaning, the complete file set on the original machine), how do I do that? I had thought that the “current” folder was somehow the symlink version of that. So, I was thinking I could just copy that folder. But, that appears to not be the case. Is there a way to (on the UrBackup server… currently a Windows 10 box) copy the complete file set? I mean, traditionally, with incrememental backups, you would restore the full, then each incremental in chronological order… which sucks (hence diffs, etc.). So, what am I missing here?

In general, I guess I am asking how you restore all files from the server and would like a couple scenarios…

  1. On the client (since the web UI gives me the ability to “restore” but is again on every incremental)
  2. On the server machine itself (as in, copy to a USB drive or something)

Thanks in advance.

Have you seen: UrBackup - Server administration manual

If you wanted the current edition, you could indeed perform a full copy from the current folder, and generate a repository with all the files up to that point.

Thanks, BrainWave… I have reviewed the manual. However, the manual seems to cover this pretty lightly. I get that the client can download the files. But, I don’t see how it has covered the backup folder structure in any detail.

As for the copy process, my experience is a bit different than what you explain. If I copy (specifically, robocopy [current] [destination] /s v/ /e) the current folder, my results are a much smaller folder (in terms of total size). If, on the other hand, I download the files from the UI, I can indeed get all the files.

It would seem that this process could use a bit more documentation. To be clear, I am sure there is a way to make this all work… and I am sure my knowledge of this process is the weak point here. I am just looking for some definitive info on how this is intended to work.

I appreciate any support.

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