How to reset Reset Exponential Backoff


I’m running urbackup server version 2.3.7 on freebsd 12.0p3.
I am setting up a new general purpose server which I had set to backup from the start.
During the process I initiated the mariadbdump.conf file.
I didn’t pay much attention but the used password had characters that were not passed to mysql so the script failed. I noticed this after a few days. So I fixed this. On a different not would be good to advise on password character restrictions?
I now have an Exceptional Backoff WARNING: Exponential backoff: Waiting at least 1 days 18h 40m before next file backup.
How can I manual reset Exceptional Backoff?
The only thing I found online regarding reset Exceptional Backoff was a statement in the " Changes with server 2.0.15 beta" -" * Reset exponential backoff also if backup failed with e.g. timeout"



Start a backup manually


Done that doesn’t that nothing happened. Showed backup queued in the status list. When I check the activities list, no activity. When I check the logs no entry either.


I restarted the server, full file backup just completed.
So is the cause of action to restart the server?