How to reinstall/migrate a client machine keeping its backup history (macOS)

Dear UrBackup community

We are evaluating UrBackup for about 300 macOS and 100 Windows clients and use a ZFS storage (UrBackup running as root).

It often happens that a user gets a new (macOS) laptop (or has their laptop completely reinstalled) and we therefore want to transfer the backup data / backup history to the new (or same) computer.

As far as I understand it, this should work if we set up the new computer (TestclientB) with the same computer name as the old computer (TestclientA) and the same authentication key. This actually “connects” the TestclientB to the old backup history of TestclientA, but for whatever reason, we can only access the backups (via the client’s web GUI) that were made after the new connection.

The backups from the computer TestclientA are stored in the same directory on the server as TestclientB and also have exactly the same access rights.

So how can I access all backups of TestclientA if TestclientB is bound to TestclientA?