How to rebuild the database and check the disk for whats stored?

Hi, am testing this on QNAP, the test system i have ran out of space which crashed the webserver, so i manually had to delete some backed up files, restarted the NAS, UrBackup now working, but there will be incomplete data on the disk.

Is there a way to get the service to check the desk then rebuild the logs and / or how to issue a delete for a complete client so it removed all the backup directories and updates the front end?

Running out of space can happen easy, so this might happen more than i want, need to find a way to correct the backup server service so it shows actual data it has.

Have you tried:

urbackupsrv remove-unknown

It’s in the administration manual chapter 11.4:

We removed the clients, look like it did it, seems like it just took a while for the backup to clean up the folders and database… We are running this on a QNAP NAS so do not have access to the webserver shell, it all needs to happen from the GUI

We also had been playing with the backup windows and database maintenance windows.

Yes the server waits for the cleanup window to remove files.