How to prepare windows machines to enable restoration on different hardware

It’s something I still haven’t been able to figure out.

I’m talking windows 7/8 machines mainly, I still don’t know how windows 10 machines behave, but I want to think they do it better:

If I try to restore a client to, let’s say, a virtualbox VM, I get a BSOD upon boot, probably because of the hard disk controller.

Many online manuals recommend performing an OOBE (Out Of the Box Experience) which is a process that shuts the machine down and prepare it to be migrated to another hardware, but that’s not the way this backups work. Many times, the hardware just fails without any warning and maybe it’s too late to boot it up ever again.

Is there anything I can do on the clients, on their windows systems, to set them up so when I need to restore their images on different hardware they work? Like modifying some registry key or installing an specific driver or software?


Can you give more details about what the BSOD says?

Windows 10 is better wrt to this, I think.

Sorry, had to re-restore.

The error is a BSOD with the error code 0x00007B

I’m trying to restore on virtualbox and tried different controllers (sata and IDE with their variants) and no luck :frowning:

Did you find a solution for this? I am getting the same BSOD. I was doing a restore as an experiment, but I really need a solution in case of a disaster.