How to mirror a backup?

I wonder how to do mirroring of backups and things. I am using a partition formatted with btrfs as a backup destination, on a disk connected to a raspberry PI. Now I would like to have a copy of it (to another disk), what I store in another place, for safety, so it would be not a permanent mirror, just connecting it once a week to copy the new diffs. What do you recommend for this? I was thinking of a RAID1, using btrfs’s raiding features, but then I dropped the idea: it would be quite tiresome to regularly downgrade and upgrade the raid, and I am not even sure that it can be done with only 2 disks, where only 1 would be present most of the time. Then I thought of making a ‘backup of the backup’, but I don’t know if I can do that with urbackup: there is one target directory, as I see it, and you cannot backup it to another place (with the same server). Perhaps I should use a ‘traditional’ Unix program, like rsync. Is there some btrfs feature which can help me here? Maybe the snapshot?


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Btrfs has (like ZFS) the really cool send/receive feature, where you can send filesystems and differences between filesystem snapshots to another filesystem. See . For ZFS this is in the admin manual:

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Hi, a couple of thoughts…

  1. Firstly using ZFS it is possible with snapshots. I have been able to successfully mirror to another server using the info from the Admin manual. Snapshots are able to only transfer the differences but there is quiet a bit on load on both sending and recieving servers when this happens. Details of this are in the Admin Guide

  2. Rsync. Rsync is my prefered method of transfer as it is filesystem independent. You can transfer from 1 type of filesystem to another (ie ZFS ->btrf or ext4). Only differences are actually transfered but both sending and recieving servers have to do quiet a bit of work to figure out the differences.

Here is an example of my rsync command for transfering…

rsync -avzHh --delete --exclude=urbackup_tmp* -e ssh /mnt/backups/

The H rsync option is used to preserve hard links, z to compress transfers, and a is archive mode with preserves everything basically except hardlinks but we have already specified this with the -H option. --delete option tells rsync to remove any files on the recieving server if they are not present on the source server. --exclude tells rsync to ignore urbackup temporary files.

The command is using ssh to connect to the remote server securly (a password will be required or a preshared key for ssh to connect)

“/mnt/backups/” is my live backup mount and “” is the remote location (ie: /mnt/mirrorcopies on server

Hope this might be of some help.



I am using rsync with -aH to mirror a backup to a different server.
But what I get are a lot of “rsyncd-munged” symlinks pointing to the original backup server. How can I set up rsync to create symlinks pointing to the mirror server?
Or should I resolve the symlinks by using -L option?
The backup server has ext4 FS, mirror server has btrfs.

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The “rsyncd-munged” symlinks have been caused by “Use symlinks during incremental backup” being enabled.

Do you recommend unchecking “Use symlinks during incremental file backups” option then?

I would say it depends on your use case.
I have now disabled the option. Backups on clients are still running fast enough.

For backing up the whole btrfs volume to another server (other may be would use an external usb drive) we use btrk, seams to play nice together with urbackup.

  • we haven’t found an option to use btrfs send/receive the whole btrfs partition including all snapshots to other server/drive, yet

  • so, for now I use btrbk to pull (!!) all “current” btrfs snapshots of all clients to other server

  • if you just use an external drive, you could use “btrbk archive” feature (doesn’t work over ssh)

Here is how we do that:

  • install btrbk

  • setup openssh public key config to urbackup server using

    from="(your external server ip)",command="/backup/ -l --source --delete"

  • have a cron job:

    for i in /etc/btrbk/btrbk.conf.* ; do /usr/sbin/btrbk -v -c $i run ; done

  • have a /etc/btrbk/btrbk.conf per client:

      # btrbk config for client XXX
      # change where XXX
      transaction_log            /var/log/btrbk.XXX.log
      snapshot_create            ondemand
      target_preserve             4m 
      ssh_identity               /etc/btrbk/ssh/id_rsa
      ssh_cipher_spec            arcfour
      volume ssh://server.domain.tld/srv/clientbackup/
        subvolume     urbackup/XXX/current
        snapshot_dir  urbackup
        snapshot_name XXX
        snapshot_preserve_min latest
          target send-receive      /srv/yourBTRFSdestination/server.domain.tld/urbackup/

This is not a usable urbackup volume then, but the data is there and we can use btrfs snapshots and btrfs send/receive.

The difference is: urbackup uses snapshot names urbackup/clientname/1707dd-hhmm while btrbk uses urbackup/clientname.201707dd

May be someday btrbk can support other name schemes, too, but for now we have a recent snapshot from every client. For windows image snapshots you could adjust the btrbk.conf.xx files accordingly, perhaps with some scripting.