How to install urbackup on Synology


I’m a newbie of Urbackup.
I’m intrested in installa Urbackup on my synology DS918+ .
Can you suggest a tutorial for install last version or Urbackup?

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You can download this package :

And install this manually in Synology package’s center.

If I want to update I’ve to install another spk ?

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Great @Tisoru.
Excuseme: wich is the difference between the spk pakage and the container ?

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Spk package is a native application and container is a « sub-environment » who contains the application.

Great @Tisoru !
I’ve DS918+ I’ve seen many package. Wich is right for ds918+?
Do you have a list of compatibility ?

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I think, this one :

Great Work!
I’ve installed and worked immediately.

Thanks to everyone for support!

@Tisoru next week I’ll receive new DS920 + and I want to migrate URBackup in that nas.
If I install SPK and I copy the content of the /volume1/urbackup from the old nas, is enough to perform the migration ?

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I’m not sur but I think it’s enough.

I’ve installed the package but can’t get inside the web interface at 55414 port, no response. Which steps also should I perform to get it running?

I think that docker container is better option. Frequent and easy updates.

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Vielleicht kann mir jemand weiterhelfen.

Habe eine DS1517+ mit der Version 7.0.
Würde gerne Urbackup installieren, leider kann ich die hier angegebene .spk Version nicht installieren.

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i want to install UrBackup on Synology RS3618xs with DSM 6.2.2-24922 and my Package Center is not working…

Which is the right version of UrBackup for this DSM version? Does anybody have a link?

Thank you.

Hello guys,
I’m trying to install the package urbackup_x64-6.2.2_2.4.13-1.spk from on a syno DS920+ (DSM 7.0.1-42218 update2) but I get an error when trying to install the .spk file from the package-center > install manually : “invalid format”.
Is it related to the CPU based on Geminilake arch ? (-> so, container setup?)
Thanks in advance for your help.
BR, vg

I just explained here what I tried to get UrBackup working on Synology.

Your best bet would be running it in Docker.

Thank you Adn77. I installed it in a docker and it seems to be working as expected.
BR, vg