How to install/update windows CBT client?

I had installed “UrBackup Client 2.5.24-cbt(x64).msi”. I want to update it with “UrBackup Client 2.5.25-cbt(x64).msi”. I am surprised that it refused to update and told me “same product was already installed”.

although I can use “UrbackupUpdate.exe” to update, but I found after that I will have two “upbackup client” at windows application list.

is there parameter for the msi so it can update previous version like normal msi-packaged software?

or I should just use “UrbackupUpdate.exe” to install/update. but I can not find any parameters for “UrbackupUpdate.exe”. “UrbackupUpdate.exe /?” will just install the software without asking anything.

still waiting the best practice for upgrading. hope the infomation can be added to the document.

I’d like to know a way to uninstall the CBT client.

I don’t understand. it seems simple to remove the program. or you mean using script to uninstall? msi should be easy to unintstall but I didn’t try it.

Well, I want urbackup, just not the cbtversion.
Btw - the best way to update is to tell the server about the cbt version and do it that way. It should be in the instructions you got with purchase.

Will look into the msi upgrade issue. It is probably a more general issue with the msi.

Perhaps prefer using the .exe (NSIS) installer if you do not need the msi for e.g. AD rollout.

They are separate installers using separate installer technology, so they won’t work with each other.