How to inject storage drivers during full image restore

Hello. Thank you in advance for the help with this.

I have a working Urbackup server in an isolated network in my environment. I have captured a full image backup of a Windows Server 2012 R2 machine. I want to restore that image to new server hardware. The new server hardware has a hardware RAID controller, on which I’ve created an identically sized and configured virtual disk.

When I boot the new hardware to the Urbackup restore tool, I see no options for injecting storage drivers before it looks for a restore destination, so I am unable to restore to the RAID array that I created. The tool only sees the individual physical hard drives.

I’ve searched through the documentation, and can’t find any mention of a way to inject storage drivers during the restore process. Is there any way to do this?

You’d need a Linux driver. Many are already included. If you tell me what (Debian) package is missing it might be included in future restore CD versions.

If you want to add it yourself/use a more recent Linux kernel + modules you could also build the restore CD yourself:

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Hi uroni,
i have the same problems with my Dawicontrol RAID controllers.
Is it possible, that you integrate the linux drivers for this raid controllers, too?

Here the link to the current drivers: Dawicontrol GmbH

It would be great, if you can integrate these drivers to the restore cd.

Thank you very much.