How to force delete archived backups after change archive policy?


If I have a lot of archived backups from a lot of clients, and then I change the archive policies to retain less backups, ¿How to force the removal of these archived backups?
I tryed to use remove-unknown but this does not remove them. Any other way (not manually)?




You would need some scripting, i did that for my company, but i don’t think they would like if i share it on the net.

You can navigate on the web ui with the browser in debug mode, that will show you the json results and calls required.

First the auth token, you can grab it via the python api, there’s a part of the code that does that.

Then an archived backup is not related to a specific archiving setting (i wish it was, even for manual deletion).
So you need to make your own rules on which backup to delete(keep only one per week , one per month, older than X days , etc… ).

Then you need to unarchive, then delete the backup (now or wait maintenance)

I did that in bash with jq to parse the json. It’s not so difficult if you are used to scripting, maybe 2 days of work.