How to do correct backup/restore of Urbackup server?

Hi All,

I have latest CentOS and UrBackup server. How to do correct backup of UrBackup server? Do I need just copy /home/urbackup and /var/urbackup directories (I don’t want do backup users backups)?


You should be fine doing this. You may do some more looking through the documentation before you do it though just to make sure your database is backed up.

I found just this:

8.1.12 Automatically backup UrBackup database

If checked UrBackup will save a backup of its internal database in a subdirectory called ’urbackup’ in the backup storage path. This backup is done daily within the clean up time window. Default: Checked. If you backup a lot of files and the database gets large consider disabling this and performing the database backup via another method, e.g. by installing the UrBackup client on the server. You should backup “/var/urbackup” or “C:\Program files\UrBackupServer\urbackup”.

but I don’t see any info about /home/urbackup/urbackup . Files into this directory look like similar.

I just successfully restored my UrBackup server from a Windows installation to a QNAP UrBackup installation by just moving the user backups into a directory and reference to it within UrBackup.

But the most important part is, the configuration was restored by taking just the “Program Files\UrBackupServer\urbackup” content and move it to “var/urbackup” and start the service.

All works fine so far, I also did some cleanup - mentioned in the manual.