How to delete backups older than 7 days

I’m perfectly aware that I still don’t know how urbackup works exactly, and I should read about and practise with it more. Anyway, I can’t wrap my hear around how to make urback delete backups older than 7 days.
I don’t have particular need now, I just set it up to backup a folder on my pc.
This is my setup for my client:

What should I modify?

and what if I want to delete backups manually:

If I delete the older backup 4.71 GB,do I lose everything?

Try changing your way of thinking from “I only want to keep backups for x days” to “I only want to keep x amount of backups”.
The “how long to save them” is better achieved with the archive feature.

Each night the server does a cleanup, and that is when the backups exceeding the “maximal number of backups” is removed.

Then you can add a layer by using the archive feature. You can f.ex save one backup every second month for lets say 3 years. After 3 years the archived backup will be removed. You can also archive backups indefinitely and they will never be removed automatically.
Archived backups are excluded when the server calculates the “maximum number to keep”.

It all depends what kind of backup you are going for. But it seems you only want to keep backups for a very short time (7 days) so the setting of a full file backup every 30 days doesn’t make sense, what would that “timer” check against if the backup gets deleted after 7 days?

With the settings in the pictures, if we imagine your computer being turned on 24/7, you would save full file backups once every 30 days for 300 days (about 3 months, unless you are archiving) and have incremental backups running every 5 hours, ie you would have incremental backups for the last 500hrs.
If your computer is not turned on 24/7, so the server can’t receive an incremental backup every 5 hours, the incremental backups would stretch over a longer time but with less frequency.

ok. I am not sure that I got everything right. I think I need to dive deeper into how the program works.

I just realized I missed a part of your question.

I’m not sure about that one, I use btrfs on my backup location so for me it doesn’t matter whatever I delete and only run incremental backups. But I expect it keeps the links created when doing an incremental backup on ntfs, but again, I am not sure but you can probably google.

ok thanks. I’ll look it up.