How to delete backup manually without any error?

Actually, my urbackup storage location got full. So, I want to remove some unwanted backup directory.
But there is no delete option for removing an individual directory in Urbackup WebUI.

How can I remove a particular directory from the client backup location?

urbackup server version: 2.2.8
OS: Centos 7.4

I noticed this too, there is no way to only choose a subset of a directory, Once you choose a directory everything under that directory will be backed up. My choice has been to pick and choose what I want to backup carefully.

What I can suggest is to lessen your full or incremental backups, it should purge out the data. If you don’t want to do that, then remove the backup, and choose less to backup for the client. It should purge what you don’t want. I am very hesitant to directly delete anything in the backup destination. It looks like the system uses junction points excessively and any deletion can have unexpected consequences.

@smcclos thanks for your suggestions. But, the thing is I can’t delete the whole data.

no so good suggestion, but you can try excluding no wanted folders, removeing them from urbackup storage and then executing remove_unknown.bat or cleanup.bat

Force to remove client immediately?

Note that files are linked to .directory_pool so, if you remove some file in 20180502 folder, you remove only link not files.