How to delete a backup?

I have a lot of “fake” backups, just for test. How can I delete them? I tried through the filesystem on the server, and succeeded to delete the contents, but not the directories themselves (e.g. 140215-0943). That makes sense, because they are listed in backups, statistics, etc. (does urbackup use any database?) So how can I delete backups decently? (I hope I did not make too much harm).


I believe you are using btrfs? Then those backups are subvolumes and you can delete them with “btrfs subvolume delete FOLDERNAME”. Once you removed the subvolumes you can stop the UrBackup server and run “start_urbackup_server --remove_unknown” to sync the backup database with the filesystem (only works if the subvolume is missing).

Thank you (for the other question as well;)