How to create a new user with "Add Client" permission


I want to create a user which should have rights to add his own clients and also to mange the clients that the user have added, he should not be able to see other clients that he has not added.

However when I create a user with different combinations of Domain and Rights, it never gives the “Add Client” button, Only when I give full administrator right then only I see the Add Client button.

Is there any other Domain that is missing in the manuals or anything that needs to be added in domain to get this done?

Kiran Ranjane

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I also tired with Ldap and do not have this option, Are there such permission available for user in Urbackup?

Kiran Ranjane

I have the same problem, anybody can help ?

In user rights add domain:

Domain Rights
add_client all


This is missing from:

Needs to be added.

Are there other hidden user rights?

Along this train of thoughts, you only need this permission when you’re trying to have users with limited permissions.
If you have a user with a limited subset of computer backups they have access to, is there a way to grant that user permission to see new computers they add by default (without having to find the client ID and add them manually to their list of computers)?