How to configure backup windows component only?

I can not configure only Hyper-v or Mssql backup from client. Is this functionality supported? How to do it?
Admin web-interface on server does not offer you to select components on the client. This is very not clear.
Thank you!.

I am not quite sure what you are asking; you can backup the folders that the MSSQL or Hyper-V have, backup the VM itself on the Hyper-V infrastructure, or backup the software disk inside your Hyper-V Disks folder.

What exactly do you mean with backing up only the Windows component?

Also, what Operating System are we talking about, and what version of UrBackup? Windows Server 2008, 2008 R2, 2012, 2012 R2, 2016?

I believe he is talking about this (from the server admin manual):

8.14 Windows components backup configuration

Configuration of the Windows component backup via Windows backup API. Currently, this is best configured on the client via GUI (accessible from the tray icon or by running UrBackupClient.exe selectWindowsComponents ) or copy and pasting from a client configured via GUI.

A setting of “default = 1” (the default) will automatically backup Microsoft Exchange, Microsoft SQL Server and Microsoft Hyper-V. A setting of “default = 0” will disable Windows component backup.

As far as I know, the only easy way to do it is on the client. Right-click on the gui tray icon and select “Configure components to back up”.

Yes exactly. I make these settings on client-side (only MSSql or Hyper-v machines). But the server says there are no ways (path) to backup.These settings are very confusing!

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Same problem here, i don’t know how to backup Windows components only (in my case, MS SQL Databases).
My backup job only works when i add some files to the job.

Any answer?

Thanks a lot ^^

The client settings allow to choose components and parts of components but is is not saved after making selections and as i understand from trying again and again, there are only 2 available options that are setup on the server side:
default=0 no components will be backed up, no matter what we select at client side.
default=1 all components the client recognizes will be backed up, no matter what we select at the client side.

For example, if i have default=1 at the server side and the client has 50 sql databases, if i select only 10 of them and click OK, the next time i open the selection screen it shows all databases as selected again.

The same happens with default=0, if i select only 10 out of 50 databases and click OK, the next time i open the selection screen it shows no database selected.

I was in the same situation when I only want to backup my SQL database in Windows 2008 R2.

I selected the the components in the client UI and I didn’t config any other “file” backup paths. The server reported error when I tried to perform file backup. It indicated that there is no file backup path.

In order to backup windows components, I have to setup at least one file backup path and this path must contain files! If the path is only an empty directory, the empty directory would cause the backup failed at last. There is no backup would shown in the web-UI if using empty directory path. In empty directory case, even the backup reports failed but you can still find the windows components in server.

any news on this? I am facing this too.

This is an old thread but…

Windows Components is organized under the FileBackups, so if no file backups are selected then the windows components backup is not done.

My solution is to create a “Backup” folder on the client PC and specify it as the only backup path using the urbackup client. I create a single Text file called Do-Not-Delete.txt so the file backup has something to find. In the urbackup client use “configure components to backup” to select the SQL DBs you wish backed up.

This has the added advantage of allowing files placed in the “backups” folder to get included in the backups as well (like a SQL .bak file).

Hope this helps.

The problem may be fixed with Server 2.4.2 beta/Client 2.4.0 beta (I’ve yet to run some tests)

Just an FYI on this issue.
You must have “Allow client side changing of settings” enabled for the client for the changes to stick.

I have the same problem.

I need to backup Hyper-V machines.

Server 2.4.12 / Client 2.4.10.

I checked the box “Allow changing settings on the client side” and default = 1.

if I select Hyper-V machines and click OK, I will immediately open this option again, no one Hyper-V machine is selected.

How can I fix it? I need to backup Hyper-V.

Thank you in advance!

Its not. I am on 2.5x and still see the problem. Additionally, it does not appear that virtual sub clients are able to backup windows components no matter what the settings are or or where they reside at.