How to configure backup for VM Clients

Greetings. I’ve installed the UrBackup Client for Microsoft Hyper-V 2016. I am using Windows Server 2019. The VM clients eventually populated into the status page on the web interface.

Section 3.2 of “User manual for UrBackup Client for Microsoft Hyper.pdf” document states that I can configure the:

  • Image backup frequency
  • Number of image backups
  • Create optional groups
  • Disable specific VM / image backups

How do I do any or all of these things for my VMs inside Hyper-V?

Just an update. I can manually kick off jobs, and am doing an image job. I suppose I just need to know where to look in order to setup a group, and tell the VMs to start their incremental, full file rotation, in addition to the less often image backup rotation.

This product is great, but I don’t know how to set it all up yet. I used backupexec for many years, and this is definitely different from my point of view. Thanks in advance.

If you look at your settings area, you have the option under Clients to backup up individual servers and Groups to setup a group of servers that will backup together – I’ve only ever used this for clusters, so someone else may have to guide you with group settings.

Once you’ve selected the client or group, or went to either File Backups or Image Backups in your global settings (meaning, you just went into the settings page shown above, and not an individual client) then you can set up the automated choices that you are referring to.

You can also leave it up to the client, under the permissions tab – if you so desire. I believe that any changes made on the client-side will propagate up to the server (referring to settings.)

Now you’re limited to the time-frame listed in those areas:
File Backups have an incremental every X hours and a full every X days.
Image Backups have an incremental every X days and a full every X days.
But you can set each retention up to how many copies you want, and how many you want to keep at a minimum.
There is also the setting Global Soft Filesystem Quota under the general section of your global settings; you can hard-limit it or set a percentage there.
As an example, if you set the quota to be 50% and you want to keep a certain amount of backups of each machine then the program will remove a certain amount of space while keeping your retention policy intact so that it can keep backing up.
Of course if you don’t set the quota, it will still do that, but the drive will be completely full – depending on your settings, how much you back up, and current space capacity.

The entire 8.X area may be useful to you regarding this:

Thank you! I tripped at the finish line. I appreciate the hand holding.