How to choose the correct IP address for a client?


I have the UrBackup server on the same machine, where I also use the client.
The backups are going to a external hooked up SSD.

My pc has multiple IP addresses. The main IP and which would be the correct is But the UrBackup client connects always to the IP 172…18.80.1 which is “Ethernet-Adapter vEthernet (Default Switch)” - Hyper-V Virtual Ethernet Adapter. This address was created during installation of a HyperV machine. I have also another IP adress, because currently WSL2 is installed to, which brings IP into the game.

I don’t know why, but it works anyways. The backups are created fine. But I think it would be more correctly, to tell the client which IP address the correct is.

Is there a setting, where I can choose which IP the client should be use?

You can use the “Internet client” from the client settings, and set the address to urbackup:// or whatever IP you want.

But why not let the local client discovery do its work? As you pointed out, it works.

Hi. Thanks for the advise. I am sorry, I have forgot to mention that I have already tried this. I have set urbackup:// in the client and also tested when I set this address directly in the web frontend in the “internte/active client” setting. Both did not changed anything and the client still connected to the vEthernet address.

I was unsure, if this is a issue at all. Therefore I reached out to here. But I think too. When it works and if this is okay, then I leave it as it is.

Do you have a copy of urbackup server installed at or
Urbackup client connects to the first urbackup server it finds in IP address order.
172.18 preceeds 172.30 which preceeds 192.168.
If you have only one copy of urbackup server installed at, then must be bridged to in the urbackup server host machine.
This will work OK as long as is not removed from the urbackup server host machine or un-bridged from
I do not know if the client will reacquire the server in that case.
I believe it will but I have never tried it.

All for now

Hi @eewiz

Thanks for your reply. Meanwhile I had to re-install my complete Windows installation. Repair wasn’t possible anymore. I think that either a Windows update went wrong, or because I removed a headset in the device manager. However, after I have rebooted my system, I it wasn’t able to start anymore.

Due to this, I can’t answer anymore all details. I remember, the urbackup server was reachable from definitively from localhost, and I believe also from But I can’t tell for sure. I have also decided to not use Hyper-V anymore, because WSL is already sufficient for my needs.

Therefore the situation is now solved. I have installed the UrBackup server and client again (Both on the same machine). The client is now connecting through I guess that is fine. At least it works.

Therefore I think the situation with the 172.18… and 172.30… IP address is now obsolete due to the changed setup.

Best regards

Hello Miracuru,

Same issue, 127.0 precedes 192.168 so the client finds 127.0 first.
I always fill in the “Server URL for client file/backup access/browsing:” setting on the “Settings/General/Server” page.
I am pretty sure if you enter “HTTP://” in your case, your local client’s “Status” display will change from to
It won’t affect remote clients on any of your local subnet’s because they can’t find a server on their local loopback.
All remote clients should already show connection to 192.168.
Setting the “Server URL for client file/backup access/browsing:” on the server will also change remote clients from showing connection to some maybe 172.18 like subnet that is bridged on it’s local box to showing connection to as well.

All for now