How to check a backup? Missing files and size not make sense!

Backup 2 VM Windowsserver to 1 Linux Urbackupserver.
Did 1 Imagebackup of C: when i installed the software, since then only data file backups (F:) (no C:) from this 2 servers.

I search my files on linux urbackupserver but can not find it! In urbackup webpage the full backup has the same size (~106GB) like incremental ( ± few GB) but it should be TB’s.
But client sumary shows the use of 7,9 TB for Server230!?

Can i restore the whole VM server230 backup from yesterday to a new different VM so i can check in Windows what is real?

Edit: Urbackup Version 2.4.15

(Nein) means it is not incremental and should be full backup

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