How to change the merge settings of incremental and full backup for image Backups

Hi, how can I set up an initial backup so that after the first 30 days the oldest backup is merged with the full backup and then the incremental backup is run? After that, only incremental backups should be created and the backup merges the oldest backup with the full backup before each next backup.

You want a backup schedule were the base full backup keeps getting merged with the changes of the backup that is 30 days old, and then create a new incremental backup? Basically you want a single backup set with a full backup and 30 days worth of incremental backups that keeps moving forwards in time, merging the full backup back with a new 30 days old backup every day?

I’m not sure that’s even possible to do. Not through the webinterface anyway.

A - That’s not really how this software works.
B - It shouldn’t matter, because UrBackup does “synthetic full” backups which are very similar to what you appear to be asking for, in practice.

What is the result you want to have when you restore? What’s the use case here?