How to backup to tape drive (LTO)

I’m using a headless Debian, how to enable UrBackup to backup to LTO drive?

Does UrBackup support this feature?

Infortunately no. It is D2D backup system.
Maybe, you’ll find [Relax And Recover][1] suitable in your case?
We have plans to integrate URBACKUP backup type in 1.5 release.

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kot1grun is correct. The use case with tapes would be archiving existing backups from disk to tape. If you use Linux you can use any archiving tool to copy a backup to tape. The simplest setup would be to use tar to write the current backup of each client to tape.

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I have a Windows urBackup server and I would like to backup current folder to tape.
But when I do backup of this folder using tape backup SW it only do backups as links(what the folder current is), not real files and folder behind this link.
Probably this is “feature” of tape backup SW.
The solution would be to do script which copy/tar(with following links) current folder to let’s say temporary current which is not a link and do backup of this temporary folder?

Thank you.