How to backup a logical drive


I use urBackup for Windows and I use to backup local folders as well as network shares. I need now to backup a logical drive created be another application, in my case it is Crtptomator that makes use of WinFsp file system (similar to Linux/Unix Fuse).

The problem is: Cryptomator created the logical drive (btw, F:, where Cryptomator discloses its encrypted vault) but apparently this is not supported, in the “add/remove backup path window” this drive is not selectable. And if I try to specify the F:\ in the server web interface the backup failes producing a number of errors (see below)

I tried already to change the urBackup user the client service runs as (UrBackup - Frequently asked questions), the solution I used to backup network shares, but with no success.

Any idea about how to backup such logical drive?

Thank you!

16/11/23 09:11 ERROR Cannot get volume for path "F:". Unable to find the specified file. (code: 2)
16/11/23 09:11 ERROR Cannot access path to backup: "F:" Errorcode: 3 - Unable to find the specified path.
16/11/23 09:11 WARNING Hint: Directory to backup (“F:”) does not exist. It may have been deleted or renamed. Set the “optional” directory flag if you do not want backups to fail if directories are missing.
16/11/23 09:11 WARNING Hint: Volume ("F:") does not exist. It may currently be not present. If you are trying to backup a network location via mapped network drives please be aware that mapped network drives are per user and the UrBackup client runs as “LOCAL SYSTEM” user per default. See UrBackup - Frequently asked questions on how to backup network locations
16/11/23 09:11 ERROR Indexing files failed, because of error
16/11/23 09:11 ERROR Constructing of filelist of “BAI2PC01” failed: error - index error
16/11/23 09:11 ERROR Backup had an early error. Deleting partial backup.

I think your bumping in to aMicrosoft issue, only real users can access drives that don’t exist such as mapped network drives. So what ever is creating the drive is at a user level