How to add virtual sub clients?I'm try to web GUI,but failed

Try to add a virtual child client on the web configuration, in the parameter

“Additional virtual sub client names:” after adding a name, save it. However, it is found that the web does not display the virtual sub client. What are the specific adding steps? I didn’t see it in the manual

All I did was pick the client in settings, check the box for separate settings , go to the client tab & add the name & click save on the bottom right.

After which the original appeared in the list of clients twice, once for the main client and once with with the added sub-client in [brackets], and also on the status page. Backup settings for the sub client are then set by selecting it in the list.

If that’s not working I’m not sure what to advise, it does here.

Yes, I followed that step. I tried to send an instruction to create, but failed. I’m going to recompile and try again

Hi @mickey So, what are the results? Have you tried again?