How to achieve client activation for backup?


I have the problem that a client with tray icon maybe went to sleep and was not reactivated for backup.
Is there a way to activate it in order to do the planed backups?
I mean except creating windows-tasks corresponding to the backup-times.

System: Windows 8.1, patched
Client: 2.1.6
Server: Ubuntu 16.04, Urbackup 2.1.19
User was logged off.

Many thanks

i dont understand what s went to sleep means?
did the client backend process crashed?
is it on pause, you could try unposing it
server side , wha sthe status of the client, in status page, filter on client name slect to show all columns, show results

Hi Grasp,

questions please:
a) did you start the client as service or manually?
only if you stat it as service it will survive a users logoff action.
b) or do you mean that client-pc goes to sleep (power save) mode and you expect that urbackup wakesup the computer?



thanks for the replies! Sorry for the late response - I was busy at home.

I created a prebackup-batch file to save the power scheme of the client (in a file) before backup and to activate high performance and a postbackup-batch to restore it. I have no issues during backup.

My settings are:
Cleanup time window: Mon-Sun/2-5
File backups: Mon-Fri/12-24
Image backups: Mon-Fri/5-12
File backups: 4h incr./30d full
Image backups: 7d incr./84d full

I try to figure out a way to allow the client to sleep, but to wake up from standby, not from power-off, when it has to run a backup.

user logged off, the client went in standby, server-side client settings are to do incremental file backup at 12:00 and it did not.In my case the computer must be running in order to execute the backups defined in the settings.
Server-side status: client offline, no recent file backup, image backup OK

a) on the client I have the urbackup service running and the tray icon, but user logged off
b) yes, is it a problem?