How to access the webinterface?

Dear, UR users,

I have installed qnd compiled URbackup on FreeBSD 10.2. The server seems to work but I cannot remote access the webinterface from another client in the same lan or vlan.

Why not?

Thank you

Have you opened the firewall ports to allow incoming traffic on port 55414?

Ow there is at least someone who is willing to answer my thread.
Well it works now.
The doc regarding the installation of urbackup for FreeBSD was incomplete, shame on you, developers! Please provide the concrete steps next time!

The problem was that I needed extra dependencies not described on the webpage.

So for you guys who want to install it on BSD.
Don’t forget to install the getopt package otherwise it won’t connect.

I haven’t figure out how to connect to webserver via ssl. The doc isn’t clear enough.
Thank you for your response.

Search the docs for Apache configuration options. If you want to use SSL, you will need to use another webserver.